5 Effective Solutions for Chronic Neck Pain

Aug 01, 2022

Neck pain is a common complaint among adults of all ages. And when your neck hurts, it makes everyday activities — from driving your car to working at a computer — much more difficult.

While a mild stiff neck might go away on its own within a few days, chronic neck pain persists for weeks, months, or even longer. Chronic pain interferes with your quality of life and unfortunately, finding effective treatment isn’t always easy.

Pain management at Cascade Orthopaedics is the comprehensive solution you’re seeking. Our orthopedic team is here to diagnose your chronic neck pain and develop a personalized treatment plan that makes a difference for your pain.

Ready to learn more? Here are five of our most effective solutions for chronic neck pain:

Pain medication

Whether your neck pain is acute or chronic, our orthopedic physicians may recommend medication as part of your treatment plan. 

Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) reduce inflammation and pain to help your body heal, and they’re particularly effective for mild to moderate neck pain.

For more severe neck pain, we may prescribe stronger pain relievers or muscle relaxers. We work closely with you to find an appropriate dose of medication, so you can avoid taking more than you need.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is controlled movement to build strength and ward off pain. It can be an effective solution for chronic neck pain due to both injury and degenerative conditions like arthritis.

And because physical therapy is drug-free, we often prescribe it along with other treatments for more complete pain relief.

In physical therapy, your therapist guides you through specific stretches and exercises. These movements are designed to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, build strength, and restore mobility.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy for neck pain involves manual manipulation of your head, neck, and spine. Massage doesn’t just feel good: For people with chronic neck pain, it can provide much-needed relief from the pain and stiffness.

Using their hands, our trained massage therapists work the soft tissues in your neck and shoulders. The movements reduce built-up muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, and help your neck feel more comfortable.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of natural pain relief. It involves placing thin needles in specific areas of your body, with the goal of rebalancing energy flows and stimulating healing.

If you get acupuncture for chronic neck pain, your acupuncturist may place needles around your neck and in other parts of your body. Treatment is generally comfortable, and in addition to managing pain, it can also reduce stress levels.

Joint injections

When conservative methods aren’t enough, it might be time to consider joint injections for your neck pain. We offer a range of injections designed to relieve spinal pain, including facet injections, nerve blocks, and steroid injections.

The best medication and injection for you depends on the severity of your pain, as well as the cause. Some people find that one injection is enough to spur healing and stop pain, while others may benefit from a series of joint injections for longer-lasting pain relief.

Chronic neck pain is tough, but comprehensive treatment at Cascade Orthopaedics can help. Contact us at our Bonney Lake or Auburn, Washington, location to schedule your first appointment and find a pain management plan that works for you.