Cascade Orthopaedics Spine Center

Cascade Orthopaedic Spine Center prides itself in providing patients one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced spine centers around greater Seattle. Our physicians are Fellowship Trained at top institutions and provide superior patient evaluation, extensive treatment options, and excellent patient care.

Evidence-based medicine has shown that a multi-disciplinary team approach is the most effective treatment for neck/back pain and spinal conditions. At the Cascade Spine Center, we believe in a step-wise approach to spine care attempting conservative and non-operative treatments first before considering more invasive or surgical options. However, when surgery is appropriate and indicated, we are able to provide cutting edge surgical treatment options from the latest minimally invasive surgery, to microscope assisted surgery, to spine motion preservation, and if needed, complex spinal reconstruction and fusion. With our interdisciplinary team approach to care, patients benefit from orthopaedic and physiatry evaluation, different viewpoints, and an extensive breadth of treatment options and management of the patient's condition.

Our comprehensive spine center combines an unparalleled team of surgical and non-surgical spine physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists with state-of-the-art MRI imaging and digital radiographs all under one roof. We are able to provide further interventional care at Cascade Ambulatory Surgery Center where procedures can be performed in a systematic and routine fashion.

Our doctors believe that successful treatment of spinal injuries require active involvement and communication between the patient, the primary care giver, and other subspecialists.